Company Profile

FORMART METAL ”is one of the leading manufacturers of aluminum spacer bar and has more than 20 years of experience in this sector. Being well known in Turkey and Russia, our company honorably announces our new production facility located in Ozurgeti/ Guria, Georgia.

The aluminum spacer bars offered by “FORMART METAL” are highly technological and modern. They are produced with Italian equipment and conforms to the quality of European standards.

Our Philosophy

It is our philosophy of happy customers and happy suppliers that manages our long-term approach of doing business, determines our unwritten rules, our behavior and our operating standards.

Our Principles

Contact: We try to fully understand our suppliers and customers. The better we understand them, the better services we can provide.

Pride: Product delivery and post product delivery are key factors which increases the perception of quality. Thus, our quality should be a justified pride.

Integrity and honesty: We are aware that integrity and honesty increase our responsibility. We fully assume this responsibility.

Inclusion: We embrace and support different thinking structures. We fully fulfill our commitments thanks to our integrity principle.

Respect: Working force is a must whether you work in the company or anywhere. Therefore, mutual respect is the key to success in the working place.

Production Management


FORMART METAL production facility is being located in Ozurgeti / Guria with a 13.000 m2 private property and 5.000 m2 indoor area. Our indoor area is composed of product warehouses, raw material warehouses, production machines and administrative buildings.


Our facility consists of very laborious process that requires the availability of specialized certified Italian equipment, high level of professionalism and strict control at all stages of production. These components ensure the stable quality and its compliance to the quality control system. In our factory there are two production lines, affording large volumes of orders in the shortest possible time with the fastest possible delivery.

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